Spread'n'dip with cream cheese and fresh herbs

HEKS’NKAAS® is a great spread'n'dip for any time of the day. A bubbling dipping cauldron of flavour. It will have you coming back for more time and again. In the kitchen, at a party and on a piece of toast or bread. Are you curious what enchanting combinations are available? We continuously discover great new treats in our kitchen.

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Our website also has an overview of all the flavours. Furthermore, you can visit our chef, who is constantly on the lookout for new temptations for HEKS'NKAAS®. We also tell the story of HEKS'NKAAS® in which we lift the veil. How is such a tempting spread'n'dip created? Could it be magic?

It won't make you fly, and not everything around you will suddenly turn into gold. But it's a fact that HEKS'NKAAS® will work its magic.

Favorite recipes with Heks'nkaas®:

How others feel about Heks'nkaas®

wernererik 6 mrt 2017

Vandaag weer @heksenkaas op... Altijd verslaafd wanneer dat potje in huis staat. #daslekker (Niet alleen op brood, dip maar ook met paprika)

BeensSebastiaan 26 jan 2017

Dear @realDonaldTrump this dip will make your evening great again, it's true. cc @heksenkaas @DeBesteSocialhttps://t.co/aGSmD2HOw8

MathieuvStrijp 31 dec 2016

Kom er nu achter dat @heksenkaas eigenlijk gewoon een slappere versie van knoflooksaus is... 🙈😁

IngridKeestra 14 sep 2016

Wat nieuws geleerd van @heksenkaas over proosten! 🍻 #grappig https://t.co/Chu2C3T8Hj

paulmoers 25 feb 2016

Geweldige lunch bij @heksenkaas https://t.co/DkjeT259O9

paulmoers 25 feb 2016

Nu op weg naar @heksenkaas voor strategiesessie

Food__Nutrition 15 feb 2016

In Nederland is @Heksenkaas is uitgegroeid tot het grootste merk in het segment ‘zachte kaas’ #food https://t.co/9LpGMGQjXc